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Social & Environmental Awareness

Jorge Rodriguez Gerada
Innovative Monumental Projects

Why are you on Attlas?

I have joined Attlas because it allows me to welcome investment from my closest supporters. That investment will provide me with the freedom I need to create artwork that promotes lateral thinking and positive social change.

I am critical of how advertising has crept into so many facets of our lives. As such, I work to counter its influence by using the same codes used by advertisers - such as scale, visibility and eye-catching images. I want these new iconic images to be huge and placed in strategic places. The location, the scale and the materials that I decide to use are usually chosen to emphasize what I am trying to state with each project.

On Attlas, individual supporters become an active catalyst in my creative process. My art creation can remove itself from the conditions imposed by the market. Through Attlas, art can again find a base built on philosophical and ethical principles that have significance beyond the aesthetic.

Once completed, my artistic projects will transcend the creative process and resulting artwork. These works will surpass the anecdotal limits of commercially motivated contemporary art by establishing real, beneficial change in a community's reality.

What are you making?

I usually work in urban spaces on a large scale. The terrestrial series are designed on a spectacular scale that they may be viewed through Google Earth or even photographed by passing satellites. Materials used do not have a negative impact on the environment. I usually work with many people who wish to come together and create something really positive.

How often do you post your creations?

I am typically able to create 4 - 6 large scale projects a year which you will directly contribute to. Upon each project creation, I will post the images and video into my Attlas portfolio for my investors to view what they have helped create. Updates on my progress will be posted frequently during the creation process.

What will you actually do with my support?

My initial goal is €20,000 per project. That money will be enough to keep my creative work going, indefinitely. In 2017, I am developing multiple, large-scale projects to protest anti-fracking and e-waste. I expect those projects to attract a large amount of international attention.

Portfolio of past creations


Creator Goals

€475 of €20,000
Per piece of work
2.38% Complete
13 Investors
In 2017, I plan to produce 4 - 6 projects. Should you invest today, you will directly contribute to my next project and each project thereafter. By reaching €20,000, I am able to build a dedicated team who'll assist me in preparing & implementing each new project. I look forward to your investment & the start of our journey together!

Return highlights

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  • Hero Brainstormer
    In addition to joining the Gerada Team, you will also receive a link to join our email list, which I'll use when I need feedback or suggestions on upcoming projects. You're a hero for doing so!
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    You're a team member and Hero Brainstormer. That's great, and at this level, you will soon receive a personalised, full colour collectable postcard welcoming you to the Gerada Team.
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    In addition to every Return Level above, here is another cool way to connect with me. We hope you enjoy the full colour collectable poster.
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  • Signed Fine Art Print
    Things are starting to get serious. At this level, not only will you be a special member of my team but you can also choose your print from my portfolio. We will send out your signed and numbered print right away.
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  • Credited Investor & Large Fine Art Print
    Wow - you're a significant partner! Every Return Level above is yours but because you're so special, I will credit and record your significant contribution to each new project. We will send out your signed and numbered large fine art print right away.
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  • Embossed & Engraved Print
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your support. I know that it comes from a shared view of how we want the world to be. We will soon be sending out your personally signed and numbered print of the original artwork for the 'Out of Many, One' project on the National Mall in Washington DC.
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  • 'Fragment' Series Original Artwork
    At this level, you are really helping to get things moving. This is a serious contribution for a serious partner. All of the above return levels are yours but you also get something for your house that no one else has. Choose your favourite “Fragment” artwork from my portfolio and we will send it to you right away.
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  • Personalised Portrait 'Fragment' Series Original
    Please send me your favourite photo of yourself and I will create a unique'Fragment' portrait artwork that you can only get exclusively through Attlas.
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